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After the death of a family member and as part of arranging a house clearance, many of our customers ask for what can be called a charity house clearance. If that’s what you’re looking for, we can help.

In 99% of cases, local charities aren’t set up to provide a house clearance service – they simply don’t have the time, resources or sufficient staff. That’s where we come in, as that’s what we exist to do! Over the course of the past few years we have built up a network of charity contacts and lists of their needs, so know who wants what (and, equally important, who doesn’t want what).

Unless a customer states that they don’t want anything to go to charity (it hasn’t happened yet but might one day) we automatically donate saleable items to the charities we supply. Things like clothing are always donated, as are smaller items such as ornaments and so on. We’re simply not set up to sell large volumes of small items and, as it also reduces waste, we donate as much as we can.

What is a charity house clearance?

In simple terms, a charity house clearance means we provide a property clearance service, during which we sort and donate items which our charity partners can sell to raise revenue. Anything we can’t rehome one way or another is then taken to a commercial recycling centre for processing, to ensure as little as possible is wasted and reduce landfill.

Where there is a large volume of small loose items, we will often arrange to visit a property prior to fully clearing it so that we can take time sorting and separating reusable items, to avoid them getting damaged or accidentally taken to recycling on the day of the clearance. For that reason, we generally tell customers not to spend time boxing and bagging items, but to leave that to us.

We can’t guarantee that everything we remove from a property is donated to a charity – it simply isn’t possible. Different charities have different needs and choose to sell some things and not others – for example many have clothes-only shops – so we match items to specific needs. We also keep an eye open for items that we can sell ourselves – generally the larger items. The price quoted for any clearance is a balance between items we have to pay to take to recycling centres, deductions for items we can donate and deductions for items we can sell ourselves to generate profit (sadly we need to make a profit).

Regardless of all this, we know that many of our customers are asking us to clear a property following the loss of a family member, and staff always do their utmost to be as compassionate and accommodating as possible. In these circumstances, our customers often live outisde the local area and can’t always be at the property to allow us to organise a quote, so we are always flexible and are happy to coordinate work either with yourself or your agents, as required.

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Charity House Clearance

To avoid any confusion; we offer house clearance services during which we donate items to various local charities. We do not pretend to be, nor are we, a charity ourselves. We simply do what we can to help those who are. Our business is property clearance and we happen to be very good at it.

Locally based, we offer property clearance services across Essex, including Chelmsford, Boreham, Springfield, Broomfield, Writtle, Great Baddow, Witham, Brentwood, Billericay, Ingatestone, Colchester and all the surrounding areas. Click here for a wider list of areas covered.

Unlike some of the dodgy characters out there, we are of course fully insured and licenced waste carriers.

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