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If you’re looking for Chelmsford property clearance or house clearance services, all you need to do now is get in touch with us to discuss your needs! Part of the Essex House Clearances group, we provide clearance services for both residential and commercial properties, not just in Chelmsford but across all of Essex.

A local owner-operated business, we are of course fully licenced waste carriers and offer efficient and affordable property clearance services in the Chelmsford area, including Chelmsford, Boreham, Great Baddow, Chelmer Park, Writtle, Broomfield, Springfield and also most of surrounding Essex.

What kind of clearance do you need?

It doesn’t matter what you need a house clearance for; we offer the same services to all customers, commercial or residential, always to the same standards. After each property clearance we leave it empty, ready for you to sell, rent or redecorate, according to your needs. Depending on your requirements we will clear the property of any unwanted furniture and other household effects, clear garages, sheds, gardens and even remove carpets and curtains if needed, leaving it ready for the next occupier. In the case of commercial property we can also remove unwanted fittings, stock and equipment.

Probate and Charity Clearances

A large percentage of our work involves a property clearance after the death of a family member, often called probate clearances or charity house clearances. In such cases we offer as much help as possible, operating with absolute discretion and compassion. We’re flexible and are happy to work with your appointed agents if required.

We can deal with a property clearance after an illegal occupancy or abusive tenancy, where more often than not ‘everything must go’ and subject to availability can also offer an optional cleaning service, to ensure the property is left clean and tidy.

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Chelmsford Property Clearance

If you’d like a quote for a property clearance, the first step is to get in touch to request a quote for the necessary work. We’ll then organise a mutually convenient time for one of our team to visit the property and assess what needs to be done. We’ll then provide you with a simple no-obligation quote for the clearance. As a general rule, bookings are available within 5-6 working days once a quote has been accepted.

Recycling and Donations

During the course of most property clearances we come across furniture and other items that are still good enough quality to be used and where possible we do our best to rehome them. Clothing is automatically bagged and donated to one or more of the charities we support, who will then sell them.

The same is true of things like ornaments and knick-knacks that many people assume will be thrown away – our charity partners are happy for us to sort through them and send them those we feel are saleable. Furniture can be more problematic, as we need to balance condition and other limitations – for example, soft furnishings must have fire certificates attached. However, we do our best to rehome as much as we can, to avoid waste where possible.

We don’t deal in second-hand furniture as such but we may consider buying unwanted furniture (by reducing your house clearance quote) if we feel it has a genuine resale value, which may help to reduce the costs of your property clearance. In most cases, we prefer to donate, as we don’t have time to get involved in selling ourselves. It should be noted that most charities only accept items that are genuinely in good enough condition to sell in their shops.

In the case of commercial stocks, these are frequently donated – for example if you look at our Trustpilot reviews you will see two reviews for a full van load of items donated to Ukraine in 2022.

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Chelmsford Property Clearances

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